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May 2022 - post three

a studio for the summer

this summer, I will be renting a space in a studio.

I have many ideas in mind, including a few new projects based on performance art.

to learn, to (self) develop

I am nurturing my personal imaginary landscape through readings, like the project archiver le présent and the book artificial hells.

I am nurturing my practice through workshops, like this one by Mediagruppe bitnik with the Fonderie Darling and Eastern Bloc and this other one on rituals in interdisciplinary arts.

it's moving furniture in my head, it's opening windows - it's changing places.

towards a third version for finartcialist

I want to leave the financial world for a while, and maybe come back to it later.

I want to dive into something else, I want to explore other shoes...

but I don't want to completely leave this practice, just maybe re-think it a little bit.

as a way to move on with my practice, I've started the third version of finartcialist. it's a transit version.

maybe this will be the last ticket for the second version of finartcialist? I wanted to let you know that there was going to be a follow up.

escarcelle, le marché aux sentiments - beta version

The beta version of escarcelle, the feelings market is still ongoing.

The goal of this first public step of the project is to create a marketplace for bartering postcards. No other object will be accepted for now.

For more information, please read the blog of the project!