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Un coup de dés (du destin)

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Réalisé au MUTEK AI Art Lab 2020.


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Un coup de dés (du destin) is a reversed Turing test taking roots in random numbers.

Ranodmness plays an important role in finance being linked to certain market features and to their models. Some of the conditions needed to obtain truly random numbers are hard to reproduce artificially. In this case, we will often speak of pseudo-randomness instead.

On the other hand, it is still hard for most humans to produce truly random numbers without any outside help - and so, generating random numbers with the help of computers and machines seems a must.

What happens if we ask the human to becomes more of a machine? Will the human be able to fool the referee whose goal is to tell apart machines and humans? The classic version of the Turing test has the goal of telling if a machine is able to behave as a human; in un coup de dés, it is the human who must convince the referee that they are a machine.