v3 v3 v3

moving forward.

moving on

I want to move on from the current iteration of the finartcialist project.

I am not sure how to make this happen.

There is this tension inside the project about it being my hobby thing versus making it a thing that others can (hopefully) learn from...

I learned many things since the beginning of this project a tiny six years ago. I am not sure how it translate into the project as it currently is.

I attended a programming retreat, found a new job, finished studying before starting it again and dropping out because of the pandemic we are still living through.

And that is only to name a few personal and less personal things.

But how does it work? Do I put all of my current ideas for projects in a box and call it a day for now, for these? I feel that all these projects still have so much to teach me...

And moreso, what would be, could be the next step?

moving forward

moving forward is not obvious.

I am not sure what progress would look like. What do I want from this project now? What will I want from it in 2, 3... 5, 10 years from now?

Maybe I am not ready to try and implement some of the ideas I currently have - maybe I can keep them for later, when I have more experience and...

And maybe I won't want to do them anymore. Might I discard these ideas?

moving sideways

I am tired of exploring financial markets at the moment.

I would like to spend more time thinking about the human aspects of exchange: what it means, as a human, to exchange things and services through time and places?

Maybe now is the time to start this new project. Let's call it v3 for now.