The word escarcelle is the name of the purse that used to be worn at the belt.

Escarcelle is an invitation to barter a personal object with high sentimental value, in exchange for a similar object but belonging to a stranger.

how it works?

For now, the market is focused on exchanging postcards. To take park in the bartering process:

  • take a look at actual state of the market on the Escarcelle website.
  • there is something you like? you will need to find a postcard to offer in exchange. select a postcard of sentimental value that belongs to you.
  • fill the form to submit a postcard. not all memories are equal. to help preserve the quality of postcards found on the market, we need to make sure that all of them are relevant to the project.
  • don't forget to tell us which object is of interest to you - we will put it aside.
  • if your object was chosen, you will receive an email with the information for the exchange to happen.
  • send your postcard by mail.
  • as soon as we will receive your postcard, we will send you the one you selected by mail.

beta version

This current version of the project Escarcelle has as a goal to help ensure that the protocols and software work as expected.

It is possible that each of the previous steps take more time than expected.


For more information on the project, contact the artist at escarcelle@finartcialist.com.

To see all finartcialist projects, please go to the website finartcialist.com.