current state of the market

For this first round of Escarcelle, the market will be restricted to postcards.

  • one postcard will be about the past: the sea
  • one postcard will be about the future: a short winter
  • one postcard will be about making things up: saguaro 1
  • one postcard to stay on topic: climbing
  • one postcard to lose control: saguaro 2

the sea

drawing of a sailor with the following text: 'hold everything! until you hear from me. I am not sick of the nay - only the sea!

Linked souvenir: Memories of a man who would visit his wife during the war, leave her with a new kid on the way and return to his ship in the Pacific. So many questions I would have asked them if I'd understood things in time..

Identification number: 01a

a short winter

picture of a Montréal street after a big snowfall.

Linked souvenir: A winter so short no one changes their tires anymore. The last shoveling business went bankrupt. Yesterday, I was trying to remember the sound made when walking on fresh snow after a storm.

Identification number: 00b

saguaro 1

a colourful drawing of the Rincon Peak, Saguaro National Park. Cacti are displayed and there is a mountain in the background.

Linked souvenir: I went to the desert to be away from the snow and to do some climbing. It rained, the climbing plans fell through... And then the blooming cacti miracle happened. --- Yannick (original in French, translation by the market)

Identification number: 01c


A comic about two climbers, one is upside-down in a dangerous setting. They say to the other: 'Oh, Bob. I've changed my mind. I don't care that my life isn't as exciting as a beer commercial after all.

Linked souvenir: My first fall in traditional climbing: I was pretty sure I was about to die during the quarter of a second that it lasted. Fortunately, the camalot worked. What an adventure! --- Yannick (original in French, translation by the market)

Identification number: 00d

saguaro 2

a colourful drawing of a group of cacti in the Saguaro National Park.

Linked souvenir: I was in the desert, looking carefully at how nothing was moving. I did not notice that time was flying by. When I finally woke up from my meditation, I had quite the sunburn! --- Yannick (original in French, translation by the market)

Identification number: 00e

reserved cards

The following postal cards are already reserved and not currently available.

[March 10th, 2022] : there are currently no reserved card.


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