art about finance. since 2016.

recent projects

implied weather

presented at ICAD 2023, in Sweden.

What is the weather predicted by markets? What kind of weather information can we try and guess from weather derivatives products? The current work make use of granular synthesis in order to study the number of heating degree days (HDD) in New York, in February 2023.

residency Créer des ponts

In August 2022, I get a call that seems too good to be true: my project was selected to be part of the residencies project Créer des ponts. This project is about match-making artists and empty commercial spaces. The space that was available for me was a previous bank building located at 936 Sainte-Catherine Est, which had also been used for TV shows. After a few check, I decided to accept the offer.

in the media

2023: Montréal-Python Sonification de données avec Csound et Python

2021: Balado On a juste une vie - épisode 311.

2020: Émission Pirate Bloc Radio - épisode 44, in English.

2020: Mini-documentaire MUTEK AI Art Lab.


Unraveling finance. Hunting down its influences on the collective imagiry.

While working on a homework due that week for my past M.Sc. in Financial Engineering at HEC Montréal, I develop an obsession about sound that will become the finartcialist project. I wish to listen to the algorithms and the data that I use.

Lacking words to describe this practice, I spend time on the Internet researching how to make music with a computer. My classmates are confused.

I try my luck at a career in finance, to no avail. I decide to pursue my arts projects, who now have a cathartic effect related to my relationship with the working world.

Exhausting finance, before saying goodbye after one last look. Moving faster than finance, going further than her, re-inventing the wheel. Here, art is an inquiry methodology on all that human touch, and on what human touches, feel, lives - and try to get away with.


After studies in mathematics and finance, Édith Viau (QC/CA) became obsessed with markets and the way that they work and shapes us. In 2016, she founded the finartcalist proejct with the goal of exploring and exhausting the topic.

She was a participant at the MUTEK AI Art Lab in 2020 and her work was shown during the Wordhack evenings at Babycastles (NYC, USA); as a resident artist during Créer des ponts in 2022 (Montréal, QC) and in Norrköping, Sweden for the 2023 edition of the International Conference for Auditory Display.



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on the website, there are a few relevant texts about the finartcialist project, one of them being this historical bibliography of the volatility concept, started during my M.Sc.

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photography: Amelia Moses, 2022.