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original version of the project

Talk presented at Montréal-Python 75.


the digital version of LuminX - we can see an array of squares whose color is changing from red to blue


LuminX is a data visualisation project based on the exchange rate of 41 currencies against the euro, from 1999 to 2019.

The project was originally designed to be a LED strip. It has been made available as a Python script.

The red colour corresponds to a positive variation in the exchange rate, while the blue color means a negative variation.

As an artificial, human creation, finance and its embodiment through financial markets can be seen as an automated decision making algorithm, even moreso given the role played by mathematical algorithms in the financial world.

What is the role of humans in this abstract universe where decision making happens at always greater speed? How do we understand these decisions as being willingly made instead of being constrained by data and algorithms? Is finance a practical example of artificial intelligence?